I was bought up in a rural environment, spending many hours in the bush and hill country of the Southern Wairarapa. My love of the outdoors gave me an appreciation of nature and wildlife and initially my photography involved capturing native birds. I started as most photographers probably do, playing around with an Instamatic in my younger days and gradually progressing to the more upmarket models, it seemed like there was always a camera packed with my gear ready if I found ‘that shot’.

It was when specialising in the sale of lake properties of the Rotorua region I found my hobby progressing into more of a Professional mode, clients often required not only ground shots but aerial photos were a huge advantage as a marketing tool because of the location.. With my husband Roger, who was previously a press photographer before he became a pilot, we provided aerial images for my clients.

During this time I teamed up with international athlete Uta Pippig and since then, have been official photographer for her health and fitness website www.takethemagicstep.com This website has received accolades internationally and I am very proud to be part of the team. Professionally, this was a baptism of fire and provided ongoing challenges and deadlines. The site enables me to work over a wide range of topics and having to constantly think of innovative ideas in order to marry the article and picture together.


Wedding and portrait photography are a favourite and I love working within the sector. It has been a challenge to photograph events in some truly inspiring venues, from tropical beaches in the Cook Islands to high on the Eastern ridge above Rotorua overlooking lakes Tarawera, Okataina, Rotoiti and Rotorua and in beautiful native bush and stream settings. I totally enjoy the challenge of working around the more difficult or unusual locations and currently my portfolio is sporting not only the traditional, but some very ‘different’ wedding shots encapsulating the wonderful back drops and scenery we have to offer.

I enjoy traveling to rural areas to produce family portraits especially within the farming sector, the finished result then incorporating their home surroundings rather than a studio look. This tends to work really well with teenagers and youngsters in particular as they can be far more relaxed on their home turf.

My friends tell me that I am a perfectionist with boundless energy and determination. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with any assignment undertaken.

I do look forward to hearing from you, please give me a call.